"Exciting Times!"

Hi Ya'll

Well it's all happening this week. My song Let The Desert Wind Blow, is launching on Friday along with this website.

I am also planning the video shoot, so I can put out a really good quality for all you lovely folk to watch.

Then in a few weeks time, I am off to Nashville, to stay with a lovely friend Lori who I met whilst there last year. Whilst there I am planning to record 3 more songs, including one I wrote whilst in the Centennial Park in Nashville after my recording session. The weather was amazing for April, I took warm clothes, and ended up wearing all my evening clothes during the day.

The radio shows are going well, I have "Joe Singleton" to thank for opening many doors for me within Country Music, also to "Colin Petit" formerly of Ignition Radio. Also a huge thanks to "Ken Meakin", who promotes me.