Hi Ya'll

Dina Andrews  ("The Pink Cowgirl") Is a songwriter and singer from Jersey in the Channel Islands.
Her passion is Country Music and Country Folk.

She has played guitar since the age of 10 and has been seriously writing music for 8 years.

She has won three Nashville Directors Awards for songs she entered for the Nashville Songwriters Competition.

Those songs Are : "Let The desert Wind Blow", "Always Loved the Spring" and "Sycamore Tree".


She has also co-written with a friend , "Steve Dunfee" who lives in the mountains of Tennessee.

Those songs are: "The Only Place I can Lose The Blues"  and "Mountain Man".


Dina is also a DJ for "Red Rose Country Radio" with Joe Singleton. this is where she was dubbed "The Pink Cowgirl", due to her pink guitar, pink cowboy hat, pink cowboy boots and generally, a love of anything that happens to be pink!

Meet My Guitars (and my lovely dog!)

MEET "DOLLY". She is my favourite guitar. She is a pink Ovation Applause I have had for many years. She has recently had a major overhaul by my friend "Luthier Syfon" in Jersey. He did some fantastic work on her and she is now safely home with mummy (me!). You can see the stage by stage progress of Syfon's work here.

MEET "STAR" & "WILLIE" Star is my Epiphone Les Paul - "JJ French - Twisted Sister" limited edition. She looks fantastic with the "Pink Starburst" finish & sounds awesome, although she does not get played too much, as I normally play a 6 or 12-string acoustic. Willie is my Jack Russell. He is a rescue dog and I have had him for two years. He is 13 years old now, and such a good boy!

MEET "SOHO SALLY" Sally is my lovely Yamaha 12-string acoustic. She is called Soho Sally because I bought her from Yamaha Guitars in Soho London. She is a wonderful guitar to play and has such a beautiful tone. In this photo, I am also holding up a Nashville songwriters award. Dolly is getting in on the act too - sneaking into the pic in the background!

MEET "YASMIN" This is my faithful Yamaha, she is called Yasmin. She travelled all the way to Nashville with me, and I played her in the studio. I first saw one of her sisters on the Yamaha guitar stand at C2C in 2015, and was persuaded to buy her by my good friend "The Crunch", from Yamaha guitars