Country Music Radio Shows

UK & Ireland Radio Stations Playing Great Country Music

Here in the UK, most people's first search for a country music station would automatically be in Nashville - or at least the USA.
However there is a steadily growing list of great country music stations (or at least stations featuring Country Music shows)
in the UK & Ireland playing all genres of country music.

Here Are Some Of The Great UK & Ireland Radio Stations - Recommended By The Pink Cowgirl

Country Music Stations - click to listen

Country Music Radio - Red Rose Country

RED ROSE COUNTRY - The UK country station produced by Joe Singleton & The Pink Cowgirl - 'me' . This is a 2 Hours long online radio show going out every Sunday, playing a wide range of country music styles, from old school C&W to modern country genres and crossover styles.

UK Country Radio - Country Music

UK COUNTRY RADIO - This is a great website-based station featuring live radio, upcoming events, interviews & much more. You can also buy albums direct from the site. The Pink Cowgirl strongly recommends you give this site a checkout!

MAD WASP RADIO - is a brand new Internet Radio Station that aims to provide YOU with a unique music and entertainment experience – with the main focus on new music, quirky comedy talent from Britain and beyond and FUN!

GHOST-RIDER COUNTRY & WESTERN RADIO - is a UK based, real C&W country music station for all enthusiasts of all genres of country music from all over the World beamed out across the World 24/7

ENGLEFIELD COUNTRY RADIO - is known for their top of the line country music based programs. They puts up lots of musical programs based on country music so that they can always feed the fans and enthusiasts of country music from various parts of the planet.

SPIRE RADIO - is a Derbyshire-based internet radio station playing all kinds of music, although on every weekday from 07:00 until 10:00 Maisie Saikia does a great country music show

RADIO BROADGREEN - The Liverpool Hospital Broadcasting Service started life as Radio Newsham in 1975. Radio Broadgreen launched on 19th October 1983 and is now the only hospital radio service based in Liverpool providing an entertainment and information service for hospital patients, staff and the public alike.

TIMELESS HITS RADIO - is an online radio station that was established in 2018 by a group of radio enthusiasts. Music from the past decades is the focus of this radio station and they play a fantastic variety of music from the past.

PHOENIX COUNTRY RADIO - is one of Europe’s top Online Music Stations hosting the best in Country Music from Ireland and America. Hosting some of the best DJ’s across Europe, they strive to bring you all the latest Album & Single releases from a host of Artists from around the globe. If its Country, they play it.