The Tombstone Tarnia Video Shoot Mystery

The costumes were hired, everything was organized.

We started the shoot in the cemetery, but while we were filming, we were having troubles with various pieces of camera kit and electronic equipment randomly failing for no obvious reason, then just starting to work again without warning, so we carried on regardless and did what we could, getting all the shots we needed … we thought!

A local pub (and the regulars) had kindly given us permission to film a video scene inside the bar while the pub was open.
This was just after permission to go in pubs was given again after lockdown, so it was all done under strict conditions!

We got to the pub and our videographer said that some of the footage filmed in the cemetery had not come out…..little did we know that we had company of the spooky kind during our video shoot!

If my cousin, Jojo, who played the role of Tarnia had not zoomed in on the photo still so closely we would never have known!

Have a look inside the red circle on the picture, make of it what you will, but we were the only people around in the cemetery that morning (we thought!).

There may well be a reason something was playing with the equipment that we could not see!

2019 music Awards


Josie Music Awards


The "International Singer/Songwriters Awards" were held in Atlanta, Georgia this year (2019) & Dina aka "The Pink Cowgirl"  was one of ten finalists in the "International Female Songwriter Of The Year" category!

Dina won the top award (gold) in this category!
After nomination, the finalists were chosen by a public vote, then the actual awards winners were decided by an experts panel put in place by I.S.S.A.

Overall, there were over 10,000 nominees so this is a tremendous achievement!

The largest independent music award show in the world, "The Josie Music Awards" ceremony is being held this year (2019) at Dolly Parton's "Dollywood" theme park on September 21st.

Dina is also in the final here, in the category "Female Songwriter Of The Year", so this is a very great honour for her.

Dina will be attending this ceremony too.

The World Songwriting Awards" is a well known international music competition which celebrates and recognizes independent musicians.

Participants hail from the US and over 129 countries worldwide for this event.

Dina reached the final in the Spring 2019 "Best traditional Country Song" category. for her song "Let The Desert Wind Blow".

The Making Of Let The Desert Wind Blow

We took a packed lunch with us to the sand dunes in St Ouen in Jersey, Channel Islands.
We ate the food then  set up the cameras and I made sure I could hear the audio to sing to.

Suddenly I said to my friend "What's up with the birds?"
The birds suddenly started twittering madly just for a few minutes, then they stopped as suddenly as they started. I actually said that sounded like something out of a sci-fi film.
Little did I know what the editing would reveal. A black speck passed, moving very fast across the screen on editing and on closer inspection
Look what we revealed - If you watch the video closely, you can see it flash across the screen taking about a second!
Please check it out:
Let The Desert Wind Blow

My Current Single - "Let The Desert Wind Blow"

The Making Of Let The Desert Wind Blow