From the recording Complicated

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When you’re lying broken on the floor
And it seems there ain't no point no more
The whisky bottle is no longer your friend
Shattered glass crying, never there till the end

‘Twas spring when she left with your best friend
The whiskey glass found ya, you just can't comprehend
They left for Winsconsin in the dead of the night
Just a note on the pillow, well that just ain't right

So come on, let the desert wind blow
The Arizona sky just don't want ya to go
Pick yourself up, please don't despair
The Indians drums will lift you up from there

When the summer time came his new friend took hold
He lost his job he'd had since he was fifteen years old
His days were spent on a stool in a bar
Until one night he crashed his car

By the time fall came his bills stayed unpaid
So his nights were spent on a bench where he laid
The only thanks he was giving
Was the money tossed on the floor where he was sitting

The winter arrived he lay frozen on the ground
Asleep, unloved blanket of snow all around
The drumming began , a horse galloped on the wind
He mounted it bareback, and the drumming continued