Up And Running!

Well Hi Y'all again!

Been a busy week... My new single "Let The Desert Wind Blow" is out & going well...thanks to all who have bought it and those who are going to.

My new website (this one) is coming along great after loads of work (mostly trial & error..lol) and I'm really happy with it so far, but please post any like or dislikes here! I'm open to criticism and I welcome any ideas you folks may have.

I've had great response from the British country music scene over the record and the site (please have a good old surf through the pages - more info & more links to other sites going up regularly).

"Let The Desert Wind Blow" is being played regularly on BBC Radio Jersey" and various radio stations around the UK , Ireland and a few European radio stations as well.....So far so good.... We'll see soon what our American friends think of it.....fingers crossed (This site & the record are being pushed in Nashville etc, as we speak, so I'm hoping for some good news from that side of the pond too!)

Well folks....That's all for now...more updates to come.
Hope you'll all be back soon!