2019 Songwriters Awards

Made it to the finals!!!

Amazing news about this year's awards

Dina was nominated for the International Female Songwriters' category in 3 separate worldwide music organisations:

International Singer/Songwriters Association 
Josie Music Awards
World Songwriting Awards

She has made it to the finals in all three!

Dina will be attending the I.S.S.A. ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia & hopefully too, the Josie Music Awards in Dolly Parton's Dollywood complex

See more details on the blog page

Latest Country Music News

New Pink Cowgirl Album 

By Dina Andrews  - 'COMPLICATED'




"COMPLICATED" is available to buy from here
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The Pink Cowgirl - Country music live at BBC - songwriters, singers & songs

Country & folk music by Dina Andrews (the cowgirl was not in pink for a change!} at BBC Radio Jersey in 2017

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Album Out Now! - Complicated!


Dina Andrews - The Pink Cowgirl

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The Pink Cowgirl's Debut album - Available Now! - mp3 Download or Mail Order CD

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More News


A Dina Andrews showcase gig was held at the Horse and Hounds Pub in Jersey on Thursday 19th April at 10.00 pm. This was live streamed to "The Pink Cowgirl" Facebook page.

Had a great time performing at the  JAAR charity gig at the Hotel de Normandie in Jerse on Saturday 12th May. It was very busy and well attended and the audience were very lively and enjoyed the music. Check it out in my Gallery

Also on the same day I was offered a gig at a local Hotel and Pub. This is a great venue for live music, The Dolphin Hotel Gorey Pier , St Martin  in Jersey. It kicked off at 8.30 and I played through till 10.45. The crowd was lively, and reacted well to my performance. They joined in and sang along!

On Saturday the 19th May  I performed at The Peas and Glove Permanent Ollie festival in Jersey. See the link to take you to the page link that explains the reason for the festival.





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